Our history began with Sant’Ambrogio Immobiliare: a continuous succession of successful initiatives thanks to a consolidated experience left behind for over one hundred years.

All this, together with the meticulous and constant study of the markets all over the world, makes us a group always at the forefront in the choice of real estate transactions and in their development, as well as in the construction and marketing of the product.

The study and the care of the projects and the research of the materials, the direction and the constant control during the construction, allow us to guarantee the offer of houses built with increasingly high standards, in order to meet the needs of customers with solutions high quality at a good price.

We have decided to catalog a good part of the interventions carried out in the last thirty years with a selection of photographs, because the images are worth a thousand words.

In the last decade the flagship brand of the group is Bludom, well known also abroad, with which we intend to continue in the future, with the best quality that comes from the passion, essential to do well everything that is believed.